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Virtual Tour Brochure

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VIRTUAL TOURS3 6 0 P H O T O & V I D E O w w w . i n f i n i t a s f o o d s a f e t y . c o m

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w w w . i n f i n i t a s f o o d s a f e t y . c o m A 360 virtual tour is a collection of 360 photos or videos of a location, set up as atour. This allows people to explore locations digitally by clicking through and lookingaround a site. Virtual tours allow people to walk through a premises.Virtual tours were made popular through Google Maps, which allows you to walkthrough large areas of the entire Earth, digitally.Virtual tours are growing rapidly in terms of popularity. This growth coincides withthe explosion in adoption of VR headsets (Virtual Reality). A virtual tour can beviewed through a VR headset.While you don't need one, use of a headset makes a virtual tour a truly immersiveexperience. Imagine being able to walk through a business, as though you werethere in real life.What is a Virtual Tour?

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Does your business reallyneed a Virtual Tour?You might be thinking that you don't need a virtual tour, that you've gotten on fine without one.Well, you may be doing fine without a virtual tour but you could be doing even better with one.360 photo and video offers another way for customers to interact with your business. Avirtual tour will give them a sense of familiarity, even if they've never visited your premisesbefore. Not only does having a virtual tour increase your web presence, it can help your business tostand out from your competitors. Your business will be viewed as an innovator in yourindustry.w w w . i n f i n i t a s f o o d s a f e t y . c o m

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What are the benefits of a Virtual Tour?50% of adult users on the internet rely on virtual tours to inform their purchasingdecisions.Consumers spend 5 to 10 times longer on websites with a virtual tour.67% of people want more businesses to offer virtual tours.Return on investment for a virtual tour is estimated at less than four weeks.Virtual tours are extremely useful for a business. They attract new prospects and turnthem into paying customers. Not only do they help to convert sales, they create brandawareness. Here are a few facts about virtual tours:w w w . i n f i n i t a s f o o d s a f e t y . c o m

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Why is Google Maps importantfor your business? The latest statistics reveal that more than a billion people in 220 countries use Google Maps everymonth. It is the place where your business can be found.When people search for local businesses online, they have the opportunity to see inside yourbusiness with a 360 virtual tour. By clicking on your Google business listing, consumers haveaccess to Google Street View, where your virtual tour can be hosted. A virtual tour of your premises, listed on Google Maps is twice as likely to generate interest in yourbusiness. Google Maps can therefore play an important role in your digital marketing strategy.w w w . i n f i n i t a s f o o d s a f e t y . c o m

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w w w . i n f i n i t a s f o o d s a f e t y . c o m Tiny Planet Photography We can create specialised social media posts withtiny planet photography. This unique cameratechnique will make your photos stand out. Bycreating intrigue and interest, this type of photo islikely to increase engagement on your social mediaand web pages. Tiny planet photographs are bestwhen taken outside. We can use these photos toshow your followers the front of your premises andthe surrounding areas in a unique way.

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Here s what your own Virtual Tour could look like Click the arrows and drag to explore the virtual tour www infinitasfoodsafety com

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Contact Us Email Address enquiry@infinitasfoodsafety.comOffice Number02920 026 566Office Hours Mon-Sat: 8am-8pmOffice Location 29b Enterprise House, 127 Bute Street. Cardiff Bay, CF10 5LEw w w . i n f i n i t a s f o o d s a f e t y . c o m